Sermon on the Mount

This week, the students of LVCC were challenged to read, in depth, and take some notes on the entire Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7. If you would like to participate in the challenge, your daily readings (of course, you can read more if you wish!) are as follows:

– Monday – Matthew 5:1-37
– Tuesday – Matthew 5:38-48
– Wednesday – Matthew 6:1-15
– Thursday – Matthew 6:16-24
– Friday – Matthew 6:25-34
– Saturday – Matthew 7:1-14
– Sunday morning before church – Matthew 7:15-29

As you read each day, please write things down as they come to mind – questions, thoughts, comments, concerns, research, etc. Then, I would love if you would post your thoughts on here for all of us to benefit from! We are a family and we need to help and support each other!

I will be praying for your guys every evening this week (and did already tonight) as you read and reflect upon God’s Word!

If you give Him the chance, God will respond!



20 thoughts on “Sermon on the Mount

  1. Mathew 5:8 “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God”. It is a great thing once one rids their hearts from evil and replaces it with love and Jesus.

      • You can obtain a pure heart by giving yourself over to God and letting him use you for his purposes. You can obtain a pure heart by reading his word, understanding it, and carrying out its messages in your daily life. Not only that, but also building a strong relationship with God and praying to him all the time. All these things, especially together, will lead you to a pure heart. There are probably other ways to obtain a pure heart, but these are what really stood out to me. I’d love to hear if anyone has some more ideas on how to obtain a pure heart.

  2. Mathew 5:16 “let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father”. Let it be so.

    • Matthew 5: 21-26 This section is entitled ‘Murder’, and it goes into detail about the law ‘Do not commit murder'(Exodus 20:13). I feel these verses stress not leaving any grudges or resentments in life. The passage could mean that those things harm your own soul just like it would to others (such as the dislike or resentment), and it is so important to fix those grudges and tension with others because it is essentially destroying your own soul with so much hate and evil(like committing murder- which is basically destroying a soul by ending their lives, but this on a lesser scale with a soul ruined because it is filled with evil). -Also by lesser scale I only mean your body is not taken from this Earth, that you do have more chances to come to know God.

      • On an added note, we are destroying our own souls because we are filling it with resentment(evil), but we are destroying others souls because we might be the only follower of Christ chosen to lead that person to God, and instead of showing them love and the Light of God, we are resenting them with evil. Resenting them with evil will never brighten their souls, only darken them.We are some people’s only chance to know God, and we shouldn’t ruin their chance at eternal salvation by holding a grudge or having resentment towards them.

      • Interesting, too, that Jesus does not make a distinction between anger for a good reason or a bad reason. In any case, anger seems to be something Jesus condemns. Pretty tough! But what a wonderful way to share Jesus with people! When people do things that they expect would make us angry and resentful towards them but our response is love, what a powerful testament to God!

    • Amen. I notice that the reason stated here that we are to do good works is not for our own recognition or even for the sake of helping the other person, but so that God gets glory. What better way to evangelize than to show God’s love through righteous living.

  3. Matthew 5:47: “If you greet only your own people, what more are you doing than others?” Amen. If all we did was greet other Christians, we would never be spreading God’s love and glory to others(through ourselves). We wouldn’t be the light in the darkness for others. Be the light in the darkness. Say hello to someone you have never said hello to before. We don’t know what God’s plan is, but don’t intentionally hinder the speed of the execution of God’s plan for yourself and others.

    • I love your thoughts, Ashley. Anyone can be kind to those who love them. It takes someone who is truly a light of God’s love to being that same kindness to someone with whom we do not have a strong or positive relationship.

      I think we forget, too, that when God/Jesus asks us to do something difficult or seemingly impossible – like love and pray for those who hurt us – He is not asking us to do it alone but through His power!

      May it be so, indeed!

  4. Matthew 6:3-4 “When you give to the needy, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Then your giving will be done secretly. Your father will reward you. He sees what you do secretly”. I enjoyed reading this passage because the point of it is summed up perfectly. The section is entitled ‘Giving to Needy People’. The point I took out of these few verses was don’t do works for the attention from others, only do works to give glory to God. When it talks about not letting your left side know what your right side is doing, it means don’t let the sinful part of you affect the good works you have done in God’s name(as the left side is known as dishonorable and the right as honorable). The only opinion that should matter to you is God’s and God’s alone. He knows what good works you have done, even when you haven’t boasted about it. And you will be rewarded in heaven by not seeking recognition for your deeds.

    • Interesting take on the left hand versus right hand thing. I had not thought of that before. I was simply thinking the meaning was that you are so careful to not boast about or make public your good deeds that even your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing. But I never thought about the right as the honorable and the left as the sinful. Interesting… I love having you point out something I had not noticed before despite multiple readings of this passage. How powerful Scripture is!

  5. Matthew 6:20-21 “Instead, put away riches for yourselves in heaven. There, moths and rust do not destroy them. There, thieves do not break in and steal them. Your heart will be where your riches are”. Often times people get caught up in their worldly possessions, and don’t think much about the next life. Many people get caught up in the minor things such as making money, and forget why they were put on this Earth in the first place. I love when it says, “Your heart will be where your riches are,” because nothing could be more true. If you invest your whole life into obtaining earthly desires(possessions, money, etc), then it’s obvious your heart and your wishes are not in the right place. They are focused only on this life and of living it to the fullest. If your heart was focused on God and following his word, then you would be accomplishing amazing things by bringing new followers to Christ. If you invest in the riches that God has set forth to you (following his word, living life with Christ), then your heart is with God. If you invest your riches on things of Earth, then your heart is not with God but only with a temporary life.

    • Good thoughts, Ashley. Also, I urge you to consider TIME as one of our “riches.” Especially as teenagers without any kind of significant monetary income, your time is your most precious commodity – your “riches.” Where we spend our time, like where we spend our money, says a lot about what we value.

  6. Matthew 6:34 “So don’t worry about tommorow. Tommorow will worry about itself. Each day has enough troubles of its own”. The Bible has a way of putting things simply, yet when you apply it to your life, it has so much more meaning. This lesson seems to be rather an easy one to understand, that trust in God and he will provide. But if you take in the concept as a whole, it is truly amazing. If you gave your whole life over to God, if you put all your trust and faith in him, if you live out his word and follow his will, you will be completely taken care of. You will have NO WORRIES. As it says in Matthew 6:26, God even takes care of the birds, and we are worth so much more to him. God would meet all of our needs. Quite frankly, God created the whole world! He can easily provide for us in our everyday lives, he did after all create EVERYTHING. . . What an amazing, astounding, graceful, loving and caring God.

    • I love how hope-filled your comments are, Ashley. You demonstrate a genuine belief that God will provide and care for you and that is a wonderful peace to experience.

  7. Matthew 7:8 “Everyone who asks will receive. He who searches will find. The door will be opened to the one who knocks”. When we are in need, we ask God for help, and we usually ask for him to answer our prayers in a certain way. If things don’t turn out how we had planned, we get mad at God for not answering our prayer. But God did answer. He just didn’t answer in a way that we were looking for. God’s plan is perfect, and if he doesn’t answer a prayer the way we’d like him to, then it’s probably because there is an even better answer to our prayers coming.

  8. Right from the start, the book of James starts with an eye-opener. “You will face all kinds of trouble. When you do, think of it as pure joy.” Pure joy. I don’t know about you, but this surprised me at first. But as I continued reading, I understood. James 1:3″Your faith will be put to the test. You know that when that happens it will produce in you the strength to continue. The strength to keep going must be allowed to finish its work. Then you will be all you should be”. So, we look at struggles with joy because those struggles will shape us into who God wants us to be. With our faith put to the test, we will only grow stronger, and will end up being changed for the better. So often we look at hardships as a bad thing, but if we only took a step back for a moment, we would realize hardships are in our way only to make us better. If we had a perfect life with no struggles, our faith and souls would never be tested.We wouldn’t be able to be the light for others ad have sympathy for what they’re going through, if we’ve never even experienced it ourselves. God doesn’t give us these hardships for us to go through pain (remember he’s a very loving God), he gives us these hardships to better ourselves and to rely on him! Wow, he truly does see everything.

    • That is quite a mature take on that passage. To consider struggles pure joy is quite a challening endeavor/ The cool thing is that God does not ask us to do that alone no more than He asks us to do anything else alone. Maybe the best way to find joy amidst pain is to simply ask God for it!

      And while it is quite tough to comprehend and even tougher to complete, seeing growth through struggle and pain is one of the most wonderful things we get to do as followers of God. Thank God (literally) that we have a deeper purpose beyond mere temporary, temporal happiness… that we get to experience the depth of true joy – even when it seems like joy would be the furthest thing from our expected experience. And what an amazing witness to the world; that we would find joy amidst pain.

      I also think joy does not mean the absence of sorrow… certainly sadness is expected and healthy. But what those emotions push us towards is the real question and the real test.

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